Coaching Services

As Your Coach:

  • I am part of your support team.  Your friends, family and colleagues are also part of your support team, but as an objective outsider my focus is to guide you in clarifying your true desires for wealth and life.
  • I provide a judgment free space where you can work through ideas, direction, projects, relationships, financial concerns, or whatever else is currently on your mind or heart, keeping your best interests in mind.
  • I am available to help you work through tough choices, difficult decisions, or necessary but complicated things like what you need to do for estate planning, insurance, budgets, finances, investing, and even relationships.
  • I help you figure out what your desires are and help you identify the action steps you are willing to take next to fulfill your dreams, as well as help you think through the legacy you want to leave to prepare you for meetings with attorneys, financial planners, and other professionals.
  • While I may sometimes provide advice, I believe you have the answers and the best advice already inside you.  I merely help you discover it and put it into action.

The Coaching Session:  What to Expect

I spend most of the time in the session listening to you, my client, asking occasional questions to get deeper into what you are saying or thinking.  I will periodically summarize and repeat back to you what I have heard and understood.  Listening to this summary feedback often leads to further ideas or concepts, or identifies thoughts that need clarification.  This process continues until you end up with a clear picture of what you want to achieve.

When you have this clear picture, I continue working with you to develop options for obtaining the result desired and then help you narrow down which options seem the most promising and most likely to be acted upon.

Then I work with you to identify and prioritize the action steps you believe necessary for each option, and help you determine if the steps are practical or viable. This process should result in 1 to 3 action items that you commit to complete by the next session.  Due dates for completion are established along with a brief description of what the desired outcome looks like.

At the end of each session we will schedule your next one-on-one session.

Between Sessions

After each session I summarize the entire session in writing, including the action items and desired outcomes for your review.  This form will include space for your own notes and feedback for use in the next scheduled session.

I also continue to research or develop tools and resources that may be useful to you in completing particular action items and in achieving the overall goals.  These might be worksheets, articles or books, productivity apps or systems, training, or feedback on questions raised during the last session that your coach promised to research for the next session.

Finally, I remain available to long-term coaching clients in between sessions to support you and encourage you in reaching your goals.


For long-term coaching clients I charge a flat monthly fee ranging from $500 per month for low intensity coaching to $2,000 per month for high intensity coaching.

Low intensity coaching is for clients looking to tackle one major goal at a time at a slower pace and require less frequent one-on-one access throughout the month, and only an occasional extra check-in to gain clarity on something between sessions.

High intensity coaching is for clients with goals in multiple areas at the same time who require more frequent one-on-one access throughout the month, extra sessions if needed or brief check-ins to to gain clarity on something between sessions.

Specific starter coaching plans for personal finances are also available for less than $500 per month depending on the amount of review or instruction required, as well as less expensive group coaching if sufficient interest exists.  For personal finances, three to six (3-6) months is recommended to:

  • establish a working budget,
  • develop new spending habits,
  • set aside a basic emergency fund, and
  • create a plan to get out of debt and begin building wealth.